Dewindson Wolfheart is considered in Brazilian music scene as one of the first artist's agents and representatives in the National Gothic Metal scene. He is Founder and leader of RAVENLAND band formed on the far winter of 1996. Wolfheart, as musical compouser and writer, since the beginning, he always had a wish to mix the sound of heavy guitars with cold and dark elements of Gothic Music creating a different atmosphere on his music, inspired by the European Gothic Metal of 90´s.

As a frontman in RAVENLAND band, he leaded the group to conquer many goals. RAVENLAND was the first Brazilian Gothic Metal band to being cover and poster on Rock Magazines and popular regional newspapers in Brazil, getting full pages about them, they are the first Brazilian Gothic Metal band which had their video clip (End of Light) aired on MTV and other opened TV channels such as TV Multishow, Play TV, Record TV, Rede TV, Cultura TV, All TV also many web TVs…

He took the band to conquer the foreign media as Japanese, American and European radios, fanzines, blogs, websites and a large audience through their music, always representing our flag abroad. Dewindson Wolfheart established a great partnership with important musicians and producers around the world of heavy music as Waldemar Sorychta (Woodhouse Studios - Germany) and Mika Jussila (Finvox Studios - Finland). This way he disseminated their music and conquered much respect from their fans and media.

Besides contracts with Brazilian indepedent labels like, Moonshadow Productions, Armadilo Records, Freemind Records, Dewindson got some international partnerships for distribute their music like, Ravenheart Music (UK in Europe) and Amerta (Asia).

Dewindson has acquired so much experience playing beside of the greatest names of Gothic Metal scene worldwide as THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, MOONSPELL, TIAMAT, NIGHTWISH, PAIN, ANNEKE (ex-THE GATHERING), Danny Cavanagh (ANATHEMA), THEATRES DES VAMPIRES, besides has traveled in tour with great names as SAMAEL, CATHEDRAL, GRAVE DIGGER…

After two CD albums recorded, seven EPs released and many shares on compilations CDs around the world, on the winter of 2015, Dewindson Wolfheart got another invitation from an independent Germany label company to participate of a double vinyl in a Tribute to BATHORY, at that moment each RAVENLAND member was envolved in their own projects, then, he decided makes by himself with some special guest friends as Fábio Jhasko (ex-SARCÓFAGO) and Cielinszka Wieliwiski (HELLLIGHT), after that, he decided start a new project, only with special guests friends, Dewindson accepted the tip of Fábio Jhasko for use his own artistic name WOLFHEART for the project, but as already there was another band called WOLFHEART (Finland), Dewindson added “and the Ravens” which would be the name for all musicians and special friends who play or record with him. This way he started a new musical jorney called WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS.

Then, Dewindson debuted his “solo” project WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS on the same day of his birthday, February 5th of 2016, releasing on Europe his first single “From ashes” also called “Ravphenix”. The song was aired on the most respectable European Metal broadcast SOS METAL RADIO SHOW transmitted by Antenna Minho, 106.0 FM for all Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Canada, also over the worldwide web as streaming, beside the song Dewindson did an open statement for the European audience about his new project.

"From ashes" had as guitarrist Rafael Agostino (RAVENLAND / ARMORED DAWN) and as female backing vocals Roberta Phantoms (THE PHANTOMS OF THE MIDNIGHT). This EP "From ashes" had several partners, Thiago Anducias (NERVOCHAOS), Maycon Phantoms (THE PHANTONS OF THE MIDNIGHT and Marcelo Varge (NEOPLAZIA) as compousers.

After the first EP released, came up some invitations for being headliner in some Brazilian Festivals, as MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL BRAZIL winter edition, 15º MOTOFEST, 33º INTERNATIONAL EXPOMUSIC, PLIS ROCK Festival and others... So Dewindson Wolfheart started to form a line up for these festivals, he invited some friends, among them, some were chosen as official member, as the guitarrist Andreas Karl Dehn (ex-KAMALA / SOULRIVER), later also was officialized Rafaela Redbass as bass guitar player, besides this team, Wolfheart has the very special guest Bety Vinyl (P.U.S. / KERVANSARAI / CELTIC SOUL) as tribal and oriental percussion in some special concerts acompanied by some belydancers, the female backing vocal caracter "Ravenna" Rafaela Vilella (ex-RAVENLAND) and the drummer Ricardo Menezes (ex-PETTALOM).


Dewindson Wolfheart always was a big fan of KING DIAMOND and finally he had an oportunity in partnership with Rafael Agostino to homage this amazing and creative artist KING DIAMOND recording an WOLFHEART´s version for "The Eye of the Witch", the song was released in a special HALLOWEEN night in Europe promoted by the SOS METAL RADIO SHOW again.

2016 was a great restarting for Dewindson Wolfheart´s carrer, after 19 years dedicated to RAVENLAND, in one year he released a new EP "From Ashes" and stabilished a great line up participating in nice festivals around Brazil, some of them as headliner, on the late 2016, as WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS released an official video clip for "From ashes" contenting live images from these concerts.

After one year since started this new project, WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS was invited by GS PRODUCTIONS from Russia, to participate in a Metal Tribute to the Pop Rock band late´s 80/90 ROXETTE, the song choosen was "The sweet hello, the sad good bye", with some special guests as Jacqui Taylor (ASRAI / RAZORBLADE KISS) from UK and again the percussionist Bety Vinyl (ex-P.U.S. , KERVANSARAI and CELTIC SOUL) she has participated in many concerts and recording sessions since RAVENLAND age also participated on it and recorded "Magdalene" song for MOONSPELL Tribute, besides the drummer Daneil Werneck.

WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS were indicated as open act band by the MOONSPELL´s vocalist Fernando Ribeiro for the Brazilian 25th Anniversary Tour of MOONSPELL, Dewindson Wolfheart got honored by the invintation, for enjoy this highlight moment with the band, Wolfheart invited the Nowregian guitarrist Tommy Lindal (ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) who already had recorded with RAVENLAND on the second album "and a crow brings me back" for complete the team as special guest again, with the fixed WOLFHEART members Andreas Dehn, Rafaela Redbass and Ravenna.

"In the begining of this project, I didn´t wonder to form a band with official members again, I just wished to record with diferent friends and artist, special guests around the world, but after some rehearsals, few concerts together, some rehearsals again, we discovered many similarities among us, then, why not go on together, playing, recording... That´s the life, That´s music" - Dewindson Wolfheart


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